Rocktape Roll.


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Rocktape is great for reducing injuries and supporting your body, wherever it may need support.

Unlike rigid tape, which many people find too stiff and restrictive, Rocktape is stretchy and is quickly becoming the preferred tape used by practitioners and athletes to treat and then prevent the recurrence of injures. Rocktape can be used by everyone - from kids to older adults! It can be used for both injuries and managing muscle and joint issues in any age. It can even be used for bruising and swelling to help speed up healing.

Each roll has 5m of tape that is 5cm in width, included is an instruction sheet for the most popular applications.

Key benefits to using rocktape:
1. Assists to decrease pain
2. Assists to reduce swelling and bruising
3. Provides functional support while allowing full range of movement
4. Hypoallergenic - no zinc oxide or latex
5. Water resistant - can be worn for up to 5 days.

Rocktape comes in multiple colours and currently we have rainbow in stock. We alternate our colour choices from time to time.