Welcome to Monty Osteo!

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Hi there! I’m Dana and I am the founder of Montmorency Osteopathic Clinic, and I would like to welcome you to my page.

Montmorency Osteopathic Clinic first started in 2008, where my partner and I first leased a small room out of a medical practice in Montmorency. We started slowly, only seeing a few patients here and there, but within a few years the clinic grew and we needed more space. We moved to Eltham and together started Gateway Osteopathy and Pilates in Eltham. We had a much larger space and I was also able to build the Pilates program into the successful business that it is today. When we moved we decided to close the smaller clinic, however I was able to keep the business name to avoid anyone else registering it in the future.

Unfortunately in 2018 my partner and I decided to part ways. Things happen, marriages don’t always last and we decided to go our seperate ways. We still owned the clinic together but we started looking into how we would divide up the assets. In the end, Gateway Osteopathy was entirely moved into his name.

As I lived in Montmorency, I knew I wanted to work in the area. I had built a reputation over the years and I was keen to continue to see those patients. I was looking at leasing spaces in our local shopping strip, and one day I was asking a friend for advice on what to do. She told me I would be crazy if I didn’t convert my downstairs space into a clinic! I thought about it for a while, and I started taking steps to build on this idea. I applied for a provider number, I bought some furniture and towels, and I got an eftpos machine.

In March 2020, when the news of the pandemic hit home, I was worried about how I was going to work and take care of 2 kids at home, who were heading into remote learning. This was my sign to start the clinic. I had 2 weeks on the school holidays to get everything organised. I bought everything I needed, had a website built and I opened up my appointment books. My only form of advertising was social media and word of mouth. As everyone in this business knows, word of mouth is the best way to build your patient base. In the beginning I saw maybe 2-3 patients per week, and I would see patients around when my kids needed me. It was small but I was happy that I was able to still help people move and feel better.

I continued to work from home and also at Gateway in Eltham. In November 2021 I had my last day at Eltham, and I committed to working part time from home.

Now Montmorency Osteopathic Clinic services around 25-30 patients per week, with me working part time. I have a very loyal patient base and I am grateful for the many referrals that I receive. I still take new patients so please get in touch if you are needing to book an appointment.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to welcoming you into my space from home.

FOUR : Trapezius and neck. 

I get a lot out of this one but it is strong, so be careful and don’t overdo it if it doesn’t feel right. This is best done with a towel over the spikey ball. Lie down on it and have the ball to the side of your neck/upper shoulder region. Find the spot, and then slowly move your head back and forth like you are rotating your head side to side. Spend 1-2 minutes each side and repeat twice. 

FIVE: Hip flexor region.  

When we sit for too long, the hips are generally in the 90 degrees position, which means the hip flexors can become tighter. You can help this by having regular stretch breaks – standing up and walking around is sometimes enough to stretch out this area. If you are starting to feel cramping in this area give the spikey ball a go. Lie on your front and place the spikey ball in your hip area. Start with pressure by simply relaxing into the ball, and then you may add some small movements to help release this area. Spend 3-5 min on each side.